DOE finds FRIB Project making progress toward baseline review

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Project Assessment and the Office of Nuclear Physics conducted a review of the FRIB Project today. The review committee found that FRIB is making good progress to support the approval of a project baseline (CD-2) in spring 2012 coincident with the approval of civil construction (CD-3A), that management planning is appropriate and that FRIB is addressing prior recommendations.  This means the FRIB Project remains on track for scheduled completion.

Federal officials from Washington on the review committee included Daniel Lehman, Director of the Office of Project Assessment and Kurt Fisher and Ethan Merrill from OPA as well as Dr. Timothy Hallman, Associate Director of the Office of Science for Nuclear Physics, Dr. Jehanne Gillo, Director of Facilities and Project Management Division in the Office of Nuclear Physics, and James Hawkins, FRIB Project Officer. Federal officials from DOE Chicago were Ron Lutha, FRIB Federal Project Director, and Robert Wunderlich, FRIB Project Advisor.

Over the next few months, FRIB will conduct peer reviews of the different scope elements to make sure that there is a solid design foundation to freeze the civil construction design in June and to defend a preliminary baseline for FRIB in September 2011.