Conventional Facilities Division adds space, prepares for final conventional facilities design by December 2011

More work space - in the form another prefabricated trailer - was added as the Conventional Facilities Division prepares to finalize the civil construction design.

The additional trailer provides more offices and meeting areas, allowing continued co-location of the FRIB Conventional Facilities Division team with matrixed staff from MSU Physical Plant, the architect/engineering team from SmithGroup, and the team from construction manager Barton Malow who currently provides preconstruction services to FRIB. PCS provides independent cost estimating and validation services to FRIB from their office in Cleveland, Ohio. MSU Physical Plant staff coordinated the delivery and installation of the trailer this week.

The proposed start of civil construction has been accelerated by approximately one year relative to the preliminary project schedule presented at CD-1 as part of a strategy to reduce cost risk for the largest cost drivers. In the coming weeks the preliminary conventional facilities design will be reviewed and the FRIB Conventional Facilities team will finalize construction packages by December 2011. The project baseline and conventional facilities construction plans will be reviewed by the U.S. Department of Energy in spring 2012, with civil construction anticipated to begin in summer 2012.