Raise high the beam; SRF Highbay showing progress

Wednesday, October 2, the framework of the SRF highbay was completed and celebrated with a topping off of the final beam. The beam, covered in signatures, was raised to the top of the SRF highbay located just east of the NSCL building, adorned by a small evergreen tree on one end and an American flag waving proudly on the other (see photo).

The topping off ceremony is a tradition in the steel industry that celebrates a significant achievement. For the FRIB Project team, the evergreen tree symbolizes good luck and the promise of growth. The American flag signifies appreciation for support and funding from the U.S. government that will be going in FRIB.

Employees from various departments gathered outside during their lunch to watch the 150-ton crane hoist the beam into position and secure it as the last beam needed for the completion of the steel structure.

Metal decking installation on the roof and mezzanine will soon follow, and exterior brick work has already begun.