Undergraduate researcher nominated for Marshall Scholarship

MSU nominated Garrett King, a student research assistant at NSCL, for the Marshall Scholarship. It is a national scholarship that supports up to forty U.S. students to study at a graduate level at a United Kingdom institution in any field of study.

“I feel honored to be nominated, and I’m excited to have this opportunity,” said King. “Being a Marshall Scholar would be a great experience, and I am glad that I have a chance to be considered.”

King is an Honors College senior majoring in physics in the College of Natural Science. At NSCL, he is an undergraduate researcher under the supervision of FRIB Theory Alliance Managing Director and Professor of Physics Filomena Nunes. His work focuses on uncertainty quantification in reaction theory, which looks at how well constrained models are by data. This work is relevant to the interpretation of many experiment to take place at FRIB. His work also looks at how uncertainties in those models propagate when they are used to make predictions for other kinds of reactions. He is the lead author on one accepted publication.

“I am extremely happy for him,” said Nunes. “Garrett is an exceptional student, and the university did well in recognizing this.”

King plans to obtain a PhD in physics. Following that, he plans to continue nuclear physics research in graduate school and in his future career.