FRIB and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Beam diagnostics

FRIB adopted the beam-position monitor (BPM) pickup design initiated by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (FNAL) as part of FNAL’s work on developing high-intensity, superconducting proton linear accelerators.

FNAL initiated the initial design of the BPM button geometry and of the signal path defined by its metal-ceramic joint. FRIB then conducted the final development and implementation of the BPM system. The system of about 150 BPMs in the FRIB accelerator presents the densest network of beam diagnostics, and forms the basis for tuning the trajectory and measuring the beam energy.

FRIB also worked with FNAL to measure and mitigate beam loss. FNAL pioneered techniques to detect beam losses in cryogenic systems using fast thermometry. The techniques were implemented at FRIB. Cryogenic resistive sensors are placed on the outside of the beam pipe, and register a small increase in temperature due to localized heating from beam losses on the wall. This sensor network assists FRIB accelerator scientists in measuring and mitigating beam losses in the low-energy segments of the accelerator.