FRIB and Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility

Cryoplant and cryodistribution

The Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (JLab) supported the installation of FRIB's 4 Kelvin (K) cold box and the design of its 2 K cold box. FRIB superconducting (SC) resonators in the linear accelerator are cooled to 2 K, while SC solenoid magnets are to 4 K. FRIB worked with JLab on the fabrication of cryogenic distribution system components. Cryogenic systems are comprised of compressors, cold boxes, and distribution systems.

Superconducting cryomodules

A design team at JLab designed the β=0.29 cryomodule based on the MSU β=0.53 cryomodule design. Having a second design team at JLab allowed FRIB to advance its schedule.

FRIB’s linear accelerator is made of cryomodules, which contain superconducting radio frequency (SRF) cavities that accelerate the beam while operating at temperatures about two degrees above absolute zero. FRIB’s linear accelerator uses twelve β=0.29 cryomodules.