FRIB and Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Radiation transport

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) performed independent verification of the FRIB radiation transport calculations.

Vacuum for large vessels

ORNL supported FRIB in a variety of areas related to vacuum of large vessels, including: working with FRIB staff to develop a library of outgassing data in support of developing FRIB’s high vacuum system; providing consultation on Ultra High vacuum system design, requirements, and operations; participating in multiple vacuum system and vacuum vessel internal reviews; completing outgassing testing of materials; completing vacuum system calculations to support development of FRIB’s target hall vacuum system; developing the conceptual schematic of FRIB’s target hall operational vacuum system; developing leak testing procedures for FRIB’s large vacuum vessels; developing vacuum systems for leak testing FRIB’s large vacuum vessels; developing  requirements for vacuum systems from design, testing, through operations; training and supporting leak-testing FRIB’s large vacuum vessels; hosting two tours of ORNL’s Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) for FRIB staff; providing a transfer of knowledge of lessons learned at ORNL-SNS vacuum systems to FRIB; and providing design support with seal design, interstitial pumping, and venting.

FRIB's collaboration with ORNL has provided resources and support for vacuum system development and testing. The FRIB Experimental Systems Division has worked with members of ORNL on these projects and together, ORNL and FRIB have been able to develop a vacuum system configuration, perform general reviews and consultation on vacuum designs, and perform chimney conductance testing in support of vacuum vessel design.

Remote handling

ORNL provided consultation including design work, and reviews of both design and programming for FRIB's remote-handling system.

Non-conventional utilities

ORNL provided design support and procurement support for FRIB’s non-conventional utility system, leveraging the expertise developed during the establishment of the Spallation Neutron Source at ORNL.

Control system design and development

ORNL supported the design and development of the control system for FRIB’s cryogenic and linear accelerator systems. ORNL provided technical support for cryogenic control system installation and commissioning, and ORNL staff assisted with cryoplant control system installation and verification.