ASAC review completed 24-26 May

The Accelerator Systems Advisory Committee (ASAC) met 24-26 May. The focus of the review was to assess the Accelerator Systems Division’s (ASD) progress in production of cryomodules, and early installation of front-end and cryogenic equipment. In addition, ASAC focused on ASD readiness for front-end commissioning and accelerator controls.

ASAC responded to all charge questions affirmatively. ASAC also commented that most ASD project teams have transitioned into production and show responsible actions towards cost and schedule performance.

ASAC recognized the substantial completion of β=0.085 cryomodule 2 and β=0.53 and β=0.041 cold masses. Achievements in front-end installation, helium-compressors installation, and partial installation of cryogenic transfer lines also received positive feedback.

The next ASAC review will be held in November.