Civil construction progress allows FRIB to advance several technical installation milestones

As civil construction on the FRIB Project advances ahead of schedule, the progress is allowing more technical installations to take place.

Technical installation milestones include:

  • On 27 October, the 4.5 Kelvin lower cryogenic cold box was delivered to FRIB from Oklahoma. Weighing in at 100,000 pounds, the 39-foot-wide cold box was placed horizontally in FRIB’s cold box room.

  • FRIB’s Conventional Facilities and Infrastructure Division assisted in the installation of the radio frequency quadrupole (RFQ), which weighed approximately 30 tons. The RFQ, which prepares the beam for acceleration in FRIB’s superconducting linear accelerator, is currently being assembled.

  • The 85,000 pound wedge vessel was delivered on 28 October and is currently being tested in the ReA12 highbay. After testing, the wedge vessel, which houses focusing magnets and a wedge assembly for beam momentum compression, will be installed in mid-December.

  • The air-handling unit for the front end has been turned on, and the tunnel air-handling unit will be turned in late November, upon completion of the RFQ assembly.

  • Magnets have been delivered and are being stored in the linac tunnel, with several installed along the beamline.

The turnover of the front-end area is scheduled for 16 December, in which all conventional utilities will be operational.