FRIB honors MSU College of Engineering for its support

FRIB hosted a special event on 9 May to recognize the MSU College of Engineering’s contributions to FRIB.

The College of Engineering has collaborated with FRIB on materials quality testing, including testing the niobium that is being used to build superconducting radio frequency resonator cavities, which are core components of the linear accelerator.

As part of the recognition program, Thomas Bieler of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science in the College of Engineering presented on the college’s materials-quality testing efforts, while Georg Bollen, FRIB Experimental Systems Division director, presented about future collaboration opportunities at FRIB. FRIB Laboratory Director Thomas Glasmacher and College of Engineering Dean Leo Kempel also made remarks during the event.

Additionally, FRIB presented the College of Engineering with a special award in appreciation of the successful collaboration between the two units. FRIB Cavity Fabrication Group Leader Chris Compton and FRIB graduate student Di Kang participated in the award presentation in recognition of their role in the important partnership. As cavity fabrication lead, Chris has been the primary liaison between FRIB and the college, and Di is a graduate student in FRIB’s niobium materials science group. He performed the majority of the quality measurements as part of acceptance inspections of FRIB’s incoming niobium material.