MSU Board of Trustees authorizes FRIB to plan for two additions

Today the MSU Board of Trustees (BOT) authorized FRIB to begin planning for new additions to the facility.

  • A 12,000-square-foot Cryogenic Assembly Building adjacent to the existing Superconducting Radio Frequency Highbay for the maintenance of cryomodules and to perform research pertaining to cryogenic engineering. The current cryomodule assembly space in the east highbay will become research space for the reaccelerated beam program when the FRIB cryomodule production completes in 2019.
  • A 31,000-square-foot High Rigidity Spectrometer and Isotope Harvesting Vault to house research equipment for isotope harvesting and to provide experimental space for the FRIB science program.

The board’s planning approval allows FRIB to engage an architectural/engineering firm through final design. FRIB will seek MSU BOT authorization to proceed with the projects in early 2018.