ASAC review completed 10-12 April

The Accelerator Systems Advisory Committee (ASAC) held its seventeenth meeting 10-12 April.

ASAC focused on the progress of FRIB’s Accelerator Systems Division (ASD) in the last six months. This included factors such as effort toward delivery of the baseline, technical design verification, and technical procurement progress. Additional factors included installation and commissioning planning, and complex operational planning.

All but one of the fourteen linac segment 1 (LS1) cryomodules are installed online. The first three are ready for cooldown.  Additionally, the preparation of the 4 Kelvin (K) cold box is ready for the first cool down as well.

The committee gave positive comments on the achievement of goals. This includes keeping a completion rate of one cryomodule per month, and liquid-helium production by the FRIB cryoplant. They also positively commented on the cooldown of the LS1 helium transfer piping by using liquid nitrogen. The committee was pleased with the scope of the first accelerator readiness review.

ASAC affirmed all the review charge questions.

ASAC supported the merging of the planned nine accelerator readiness reviews (ARR) into five. This is a way to reduce overhead and operating costs.

The next ASAC meeting is 2-4 October.