FRIB installs warm diagnostic chambers in linear accelerator tunnel

FRIB installed its first warm diagnostic chambers between the β=0.041 quarter-wave resonator cryomodules in its linear accelerator tunnel on 8 November.

The warm diagnostic chambers house instruments that provide diagnostic information for the beams that pass through the cryomodules. These diagnostic chambers had to be prepared in a particle-free environment just like the adjacent cryomodules. Overall, there will be 48 chambers which will be connected to the superconducting cryomodules.

Since the superconducting radio frequency cavities inside the cryomodules need to be protected from particulate contamination, a temporary clean room was set up around the area to keep particle counts to a minimum during the installation. Particles on the connection surfaces can cause diminished radio-frequency performance. Surface particle contaminants must be kept particle-free. FRIB employees vacuumed the surfaces, cleaned them, and used special counting equipment to verify the particle counts.