FRIB completes repeatability testing for magnet installation

12 October 2018

FRIB staff have successfully completed the repeatability testing for maintenance of the laboratory’s magnets. Over 240 magnets of various types are used to focus and steer the beam as it is transported through the accelerator.

The magnets require careful handling and precise alignment, but they can’t be handled in person once the linear accelerator is operational. To address this, FRIB has built a remote-handling system to access the magnets easily.

The repeatability testing proves that the magnets can be removed from and replaced back to the same spot each time. The magnet alignment ensures FRIB will be able to deliver rare isotopes. The system built for removal consists of a kinematic coupler to hold the magnet stationary. A crane uses guides to direct the magnet in and out of the fragment separator vacuum vessel. The system is able to place the magnets within 75 to 100 microns (ten times thinner than the width of a driver’s license) of their location.