FRIB energizes first half-wave resonator cryomodule in linear accelerator tunnel

30 September 2019

In September, FRIB staff energized the first half-wave-resonator (HWR) cryomodule (β=0.29) in the FRIB linear accelerator (linac) tunnel. Coaxial radio-frequency (RF) power couplers energize the cryomodules.

HWR cryomodules make up two-thirds of the FRIB linac. They contain superconducting radio frequency (SRF) cavities and superconducting solenoid magnets. Operating at cryogenic temperatures hundreds of degrees below zero, the SRF cavities accelerate the beam and the solenoids steer and focus it. All six cavities in the first cryomodule operate at 2 kelvin (K) and met performance specifications.

Now that the cryomodule is energized and meets performance specifications, it is ready for beam operations.