FRIB’s target module is ready for installation

11 September 2019

FRIB’s target module is ready for installation. FRIB staff achieved this project milestone on 11 September.

A target assembly contains the target module and its rotating graphite target, known as a target disk module. A target cradle, used for remote installation of the target module during operation, holds the module in place. On top is the shielding for hands-on access of utilities.

FRIB’s linear accelerator consists of 46 cryomodules that will deliver a heavy-ion beam to its target. Liquid helium will cool down 324 superconducting resonators in the cryomodules to accelerate the beam. The heavy-ion beam will travel through the linear accelerator and hit the target to create rare isotopes.

The target disk module contains a graphite rotating target to produce rare isotope beam by fragmentation. It is surrounded by a heat exchanger that absorbs the primary beam power deposited in the target. The carbon-disk target will rotate at up to 5,000 revolutions-per-minute. It will generate the particles to be studied when high-energy ion beams pass through it.