FRIB Users Organization holds elections, prepares for FRIB user operation

01 August 2020

The FRIB Users Executive Committee (UEC) elections wrapped up in January, when Zach Meisel (Ohio University), Melina Avila (Argonne National Laboratory) and Kelly Chipps (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) were elected. Meisel and Avila join Chipps on the UEC with the departure of Catherine Deibel (Louisiana State University) and Carl Brune (Ohio University) — the UEC thanks them for their service. 

The current COVID-19 pandemic has significantly altered the spring and summer, with the postponement of the Nuclear Physics DC Day, and the virtualization of a number of workshops for the community.

The FRIB First Experiments: Proposal Preparation Workshop was held online 4-8 May via remote webinars and meetings. It resulted in a week of discussions and collaboration building across the community, as the beginning of FRIB operations draws nearer.

The 2020 Low Energy Community Meeting will be held online 10-12 August. Working group sessions will be held as remote meetings, and plenary sessions as remote webinars.