FRIB scientific user receives Zdzisław Szymański prize

29 November 2021

Ragnar Stroberg, a theoretical nuclear physicist at Argonne National Laboratory, has received the Zdzisław Szymański Prize from the Dean of the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw. Stroberg won the award “for crucial developments to extend ab initio theory to the structure of large nuclei, and for his contributions to the solution of a long-standing puzzle regarding Gamow-Teller beta-decay rates.” Stroberg is an FRIB scientific user and member of the FRIB Theory Alliance who serves on the FRIB Users Organization executive committee.

According to the award web page, the prize is awarded “every second year to one individual for outstanding accomplishments in the area of theoretical or experimental studies of the properties of atomic nuclei.”

An award ceremony is scheduled to take place in 2022.